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With Mytplast creating and manufacturing folders and sample presenter it’s a challenge not a problem.

Inspire yourself and plan your merchandising and packaging projects with folders and sample solutions for your company with this blog and Mytplast advisors.

  • How to better organise your samples with personalised nests

    Examples of nests in a sampler

    Types of nests for your showcases and displays The moment you first show a sample of your product to a potential customer is an important moment, because first impressions matter. And although you may have the highest quality product on the market, without a good presentation, your competition will still have an advantage. At Mytplast […]

  • Three-in-one suitcase pack

    Our latest innovation created and developed within the Mytplast technical office. A way of differentiation that allows the products on display to stand out and make them stand out from the rest.

  • We are committed to sustainability. And you?

    Packaging de Mytplast

    Being a sustainable brand is possible and we want to prove it to you through the MYTPLAST® stamp. Our aim as a company is to help you to strength your brand identity through elegant and personalised presentation systems in a sustainable way. We have designed three quality stamps to guarantee your collaboration with a responsible […]

  • 6 sample case for 6 different sectors

    maletín con muestras de cerámicas

      Each sector has specific needs when introducing its products and services to customers. Mytplast is a manufacturer of sample suitcases. The company is aware that quality is important and thus Mytplast offers tailor-made solutions through design or even material and finishing the client wants to use. Sample binder suitcases and their sectors Depending on […]

  • 7 Solutions and sample binders for the building sector

    muestrario para materiales y proyectos

    To innovate through sample binders helps companies to improve its competitiveness, its proposal and position on the market.    Building sector is constantly renewed with the help of advanced technology and its capacity of adapting to new era. One of the strongest building ideas of the future is its specific need towards production of basic […]

  • How to cover a file folder? School, College and University

    muestrario de telas de colores

    How to cover a file folder? One of the most attractive ideas for students is to buy its new school books and decorate them in order to have a more personal and motivated file holder. Options to customize are varied like kids and youngster imagination. With a little bit of creativeness, you can convert a […]

  • What is a sample binder and what it is for?

    muestarios para el sector de la construccion

    Even though anyone has a generic idea of what is a sample binder and what is it for, we must start by saying that this Word has many definitions depending on the matter it is used. WHAT IS A SAMPLE BINDER? In order to establish an answer to what is a sample binder? We must take […]

  • 44 different options to sell binders!

    muestrario de productos

    Our proposal is to offer a large scale of tailor-made binders for all sectors. Mytplast manufactures PVC and cardboard sample binders. These are some possibilities offered by the company Mytplast to conceive your sample binder. 44 types of sample binders Mytplast is the specialist for many years in conceiving and selling sample binders, here are […]

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