Do you need a ring binder? We manufacture it upon your requirements

Ring binders

Ring binders are one of the most used supports/formats for any companies. They are part of offices raw material to conserve and classify documentation but also as an element of merchandising strongly used to introduce information about products and services that your company may offer (printed binders or diaries for example). Thus, it is used as a company gift, practical or long-lived which may have a side effect on people.

On personal terms, ring binders are very useful at home. For example, they are the best way to keep papers in order as well as pictures or any other notes….

These kinds of binders are made of very different materials with different sizes and shapes vertical or flat. It is important to have personal binders depending on the needs and final prospect you will like to get.

Standard size is A4; paper mostly used is 125gsm in all aspects. Binders in general use two or four rings mechanism and they can be rounded or with a D shape.

Rounded rings are easily opened for any document that is why they are the best option if you want to daily extract documents.  Rectangular rings give more strength so paper sheet are better sustained. It is the best option if you are not to take off and put back paper notes every day. Regarding D shape rings, the square part helps document not to be moved inside the binder and the rounded part to take them out easily.

Rings size will determine the correct spine. We must choose the right size taking into account the paper width and quantity of it (sheets of PVC pockets). The normal size is between 20 to 65 millimeters.

Ring binder covers can be done from many materials such as: Paper cardboard, plastic paper sheet Telflex, vinyl, PVC, OPP.

Finishing touch is also very different. We can choose the best material and finishing touch in order to get the best binder.

Some examples :

  • Paper overboard ring binders using book binding such as Telflex with one screenshot printing and 4 rings D shape for a very simple binder on where company logotype and text are well shown.
  • Ring binders in PVC with paper overboard 4 colors offset printed and laminated in order to achieve a very strong binder. If we add a plastic pocket for business card, this item will make it unique.
  • OPP ring binder screenshot printed 2 colors, mechanism of 2 rings colored and seen from the outside for a different finishing touch.
  • Personal binder paper overboard printed in 4 colors and shaped on the front with an ornament on the spine which gives an original touch for this kind of product very appropriate for wedding albums or special events.

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