Sample Folders

Customised and made-to-measure sample folders

We know that a good presentation of your products is the key to sales. We have more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of corporate sample folders for any type of company. We adapt our sample folders to the needs of each client, previously analysing their products and the use they will be put to when presenting them to potential clients.

Sample Folders

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Sample folders: what they are and what they are for

Corporate sample folders are supports that contain samples and serve to teach and publicize the diversity of products that a company can offer, as well as their characteristics. For this reason, sample folders are considered a marketing and sales tool.

The sample folders can be of different formats, materials and sizes; however, they must have a series of essential characteristics. Sample folders must be practical to facilitate transport and use by the sales team. They must enhance the samples of products they contain and be compact and light, but above all easy to display and collect.

For greater efficiency, it is recommended that the sample folders, in addition to containing product samples, also contain technical information about the product that help customers get to know it better and promote its sale.

Products and characteristics of the sample folders

We are experts in designing and developing customised and bespoke corporate sample folder solutions for all sectors. As we always say... We know how to showcase your products! We manufacture sample folders for mortars, wood, thermal insulation, paints, acrylics, façade cladding, natural stone for flooring, carpets, rugs, carpets, stairs, ceramics, flooring, lighting, electronics, sockets, interior design, decoration, metal parts, aluminium, etc.

Whatever your product, we create a fully customised sample folder solution. We adapt to the technical characteristics of the product (shape, weight, material, texture...) and the commercial and sector needs (corporate presentation, ease of display, being able to touch and hold the samples...).

At Mytplast we believe that the best way to sell is to show the real product to your customers. Photos, videos, magazines and catalogues are very useful, but there is nothing like bringing product samples directly to customers. Without a doubt, being able to see the product or material live, being able to touch it and feel it is one of the most effective ways to get and close a sale.

Sample folders for different industries

At Mytplast we are specialists in customizing solutions for corporate presentations. We do everything to measure! For this reason, our sample folders can be adapted to the needs of each client, regardless of the sector.

Even so, some of our products are more requested and/or suitable for certain sectors. In the case of sample folders, they are perfect for the construction, rehabilitation and works, decoration and interior design, electronics, graphic arts, beauty, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors, fairs and conventions.

However, regardless of the industry, sample folders for business purposes say a lot about the company. In other words, the sample book forms part of the corporate image and is often the first impression given to the client. For this reason, it is essential that the design, materials and finishes of the sample folder are up to par and have excellent quality. We know better than anyone what a sample folder means as a sales tool. We have high quality materials and different accessories, supports and formats to ensure that the sample book is the best letter of introduction for your company.