Construction and Habitat

Folders and Samples for the Construction Sector

At Mytplast we specialise in the design and manufacture of samples and customised folders for the construction sector. Our 40 years of experience in the construction sector provide us with extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the materials to be displayed and the needs and uses that professionals in the sector give to the sample books and displays. We listen to each client in order to adapt 100% and offer a sample presentation solution that is suitable and tailor-made for any brand in the construction sector.

Construction and Habitat

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Types of sample presentation kits and folders for the construction industry

Over more than 40 years of experience we have developed sample presentation solutions for specific products in the construction industry. We design and produce made-to-measure sample presentation kits for construction materials such as mortar, ceramics, aluminium, glass, insulation and for products and finishes such as windows, profiles, wall lights, handles... From sample presentation kits and folders to boxes and different presentation systems, all of them designed so that you can show your products in the most impressive way.

We design and manufacture sample presentation cases, tri-fold sample presentation binders, presentation cases, presentation boxes, individual sample boxes, sample boxes with drawers, tri-fold sample presentation folders, sample presentation folders, colour guides sample as swatches, individual sample cases, display stands, colour charts and finishes... And more!

We have the perfect option for you. We know how to display your product.

Products we present and materials we use in the construction sector

The construction products and materials we have the most experience with are mortars, ceramics, floors and parquets, porcelain materials, fibre cement products for facade cladding, mineral composite, tiles, aluminium plates, tinted glass, shower and bath screen samples, natural stone, aluminium profiles, marble, etc.

We have different product presentation systems for the construction sector that adapt to the needs of each product. For example, we take into account the weight of the products to be displayed, so in the case of products such as ceramics, tiles, microcements or mortars, we propose display cases with more resistant materials or briefcase-type display cases with wheels.

We also take into account the use to which the solution is going to be put and who is going to use it; thus proposing display type sample cabinets if they are going to be located in shops or box type sample cabinets with the option to extract individual samples in case they need to be transported.

Whatever the product, we know how to display it. We have solutions made from a variety of materials: polypropylene, foam, POP, PVC, thermoformed cardboard, laminated cardboard, lined cardboard, microflute cardboard, natural cardboard, etc. We choose the most suitable materials for each case to guarantee its durability.

We are also specialists in sustainable presentation systems. We have three MYTPLAST® quality seals (Mytplast, Mytplast eco, and Mytplast eco Plus), which guarantee our commitment to the environment.

Advantages of using sample books for the construction sector

The use of sample books in the construction and renovation sector has many advantages, among them the improvement of the company's image. A personalised sample book with the company's products reinforces the corporate image and provides added value.

Customers can comfortably visualise the variety and characteristics of the construction products in detail. They can even touch the samples and take them home, which helps customers to create an overview.

This is a great sales resource, especially in the case of building products and materials, as it allows customers to view them in the shop or even on site during construction to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Sample books can also be personalised by adding additional information about the samples (materials, prices, dimensions, technical specifications, etc.), making it easier for customers to clarify any doubts they may have.

Of course, another advantage of sample presentation kits is that they protect products against possible loss or damage. Ideal for those salespeople in the construction and refurbishment sector who travel a lot.