Folders and sample books for the publishing sector

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of personalised sample presentation folders and folders for the publishing sector. We have extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the materials to be displayed and of the needs and operation of the professionals who use sample books and displays in the publishing sector thanks to our more than 40 years of experience. We listen to each client in order to adapt to their needs and offer an appropriate and tailor-made sample presentation solution for any brand in the publishing sector.


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Types of folders for the publishing sector

At Mytplast we have developed specific presentation solutions for the publishing sector. We create customised folders, binders and sleeves to store catalogues, files, magazines, dossiers, press releases, quotations, technical documentation aimed at different sectors, professional training material, passports, boarding passes or any type of travel documentation, welcome packs, documentation for banks, insurance companies, public bodies, etc.

We design and manufacture ring folders, ring binders with customised closing flaps, classifying and dividing folders, folders with elastic bands, gusset folders, lectern folders, boxes with lids and bases for books, notebooks, book case boxes, cardboard subfolders, covers, case covers, dossier covers, book covers, menu holders, briefcases, lined boxes with closing flaps, magazine holders... And much more!

We have the perfect option for you. We know how to display your product.

Products we present and materials we use in folders, binders and covers for the publishing sector

We have different presentation systems for the publishing sector. In this case, they are mainly corporate folders, binders and sleeves that aim to reinforce the company's image, as they are 100% customisable.

Their use is to contain and file documents, which is why they are in great demand in schools, universities, academies, congresses and trade fairs of any type of sector. Therefore, what is most valued about folders, binders and covers is their practicality and the brand image they offer. Whatever the activity of a company, it is essential to transmit a professional, quality and unified image in order to position itself in the mind of the consumer or client. Whatever the activity of a company, it is essential to transmit a professional, quality and unified image in order to position itself in the mind of the consumer or client.

Whatever the product, we know how to display it. We have solutions made of different materials: cardboard, recycled cardboard, lined cardboard, laminated compact cardboard, kraft paper, cardboard, polypropylene, plastic, PVC, etc. We choose the most suitable materials for each case to guarantee its durability.

We are also specialists in sustainable presentation systems. We have three MYTPLAST® quality seals (Mytplast, Mytplast eco, and Mytplast eco Plus), which guarantee our commitment to the environment.

Advantages of using folders, binders and sleeves for the publishing sector

There is no doubt that both corporate identity and brand image are key elements in any company's communication strategy. In this case, the main advantage of using corporate folders, binders and sleeves is to generate and promote a strong, unified, professional and modern company image.

In the day-to-day running of companies and on special occasions such as trade fairs and congresses, the sales team and representatives need graphic material such as catalogues or presentations to offer to potential customers. To deliver these documents, it is essential to have folders, filing cabinets and sleeves personalised with the corporate image. This is, without a doubt, the best letter of introduction for a company.

Another advantage of folders, binders and sleeves is that they contain and protect documents from possible loss or damage. Even customers can use them in the future for personal use, as they are useful items that are used on a daily basis.