Interior Design and Decoration

Folders and sample presentation folders for the interior design and decoration sector

At Mytplast we specialise in the design and manufacture of personalised sample books and folders for the interior design and decoration sector. Our 40 years of experience in the interior design and decoration sector provide us with extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the materials to be displayed and the needs and operation of the professionals who use the sample presentation and display cases. We listen and listen to each client in order to adapt 100% and offer an appropriate and tailor-made sample presentation solution for any brand in the interior design and decoration sector.

Interior Design and Decoration

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Types of samples and folders for the interior design and decoration sector

In our more than 40 years of experience we have developed solutions for presenting samples of specific products for the interior design and decoration sector. We design and manufacture custom samples for decoration and interior design elements such as paintings, wallpapers, wood, parquet, furniture, doors, sconces, handles, handles, hangers, curtains, rugs, upholstery, etc. From samples and folders to boxes and different presentation systems, all of them designed so that you can show your products in the most impressive way.

We are experts in different presentation formats: sample books, tri-fold sample books, presentation briefcases, presentation boxes, individual sample boxes, sample boxes with drawers, tri-fold sample folders, sample folders, pantone-type color samples, cases for individual samples, displays, color charts and finishes... And more!

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Fully customized interior design and decoration sector displays

We have different product presentation systems for the interior design and decoration sector. We take into account the characteristics and needs of each product, the use that is going to be given to the solution and who is going to use it. In this way we offer fully customized presentation systems.

In the case of the interior design and decoration sector, it is important that the sample can be extracted from the box, briefcase or display, to take it to the client's home and that the client can see how it looks and how it can be combined with other decorative elements Of the stay. Pantonera type sample books are very common for paints and samples of colors and textures of furniture, textiles, etc.

In this sector, it is also very common to use free-standing samples as displays in physical stores or book-type samples that are mainly used by professionals in the sector.

It should also be taken into account that it is a sector with constant renovations due to changes in trends and styles. For this reason it is essential to have the samples always updated.

There are samples that, due to the quantity and type of product they contain, can weigh a lot, such as books of painting papers, that is why at Mytplast we offer solutions in briefcase format with handles to facilitate transport or in boxes individual (such as matchboxes to carry electrical fixtures, switches, plugs...).

Advantages of using samples for the interior design and decoration sector

Using samples in the interior design and decoration sector not only has multiple advantages, but is also absolutely necessary. The finishes and qualities are a key aspect in any decoration and interior design project. Customers want and need to know exactly the colour, texture and finishes of furniture, floors, fabrics, coverings... For this reason, decoration and interior design product samples are very useful tools to help customers make decisions.

It is a great sales resource, especially in the case of decoration and interior design products and materials, since it allows customers to view them in the store or even take them home before the work or reform to choose like this the one that best suits your needs, which helps to create an overview.

All samples can be customized by adding additional information about the samples (materials, prices, dimensions, technical specifications, etc.), making it easier for customers to clarify all their doubts. Of course, it can also be customized with the company's corporate image, adding added value and reinforcing brand positioning.

Another of the advantages of the samples is that it protects the products against possible loss or deterioration. Ideal for professionals in the decoration and interior design sector who travel a lot.