We carry out all kinds of sample manipulations such as making up, cutting, marking, placement… We provide the complete service of manufacturing and assembly of samples so that you receive them ready for commercial use.

Our sample handling services

to provide you with ready-to-use sample books and swatches

1. Application and sample preparation

In case of samples that require application of your product, we make the samples and apply them on different supports according to your product.

Mortars for making up samples


Grout joins for making up samples

Grout joins

Paints for making up samples


Silicones for making up samples


ETICS for making up samples


2. Sample cutting

We cut the samples to the exact size to fit the designed sample book.

Cutting of wood samples


Cutting of aluminium, metal samples

Aluminium, metal

Cutting of plastic samples


Cutting of ceramic samples


3. Labeling of samples

We label the samples so that they are easily identifiable. We do it with:

Transparent adhesive paper for labelling samples

Transparent adhesive paper

White adhesive paper for labelling samples

White adhesive paper

4. Marking of samples

We mark your samples with your company logo or the name of references with these printing techniques:

Screen printing on paper

Screen printing on paper

Screen printing on tissue

Screen printing on tissue

Screen printing on foam

Screen printing on foam

Stamping, sample marking technique


UV Varnish, sample marking technique

UV Varnish

5. Placement of the samples in the sample books

Once received and handled, we take care of placing the samples in the arrangement agreed with the customer.

Placement of the samples in the sample books

6. Shrink-wrapping

We individually pack the samples for their protection and subsequent sale or shipment.


7. Fan swatches

We design and produce fan swatches for any type of material.

Fan swatch with plastic screw

With plastic screw

Fan swatch with metal screw

With metal screw

Quality and sustainability

We guarantee the quality and sustainability of the projects we carry out thanks to our commitments and certificates.


We prioritize the quality of our solutions. That is why we have a quality manager who oversees the entire production process according to ISO standards, as well as the approval of suppliers to ensure that the raw materials we use are of the highest quality.


We seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment by applying actions that include: making rational use of resources; adopting preventive pollution measures; complying with current environmental regulations; and disseminating environmental policies among our team, suppliers and collaborators.

Certificado calidad ISO


Our Mytplast, Mytplast eco, and Mytplast eco Plus quality seals demonstrate your partnership with an environmentally responsible supplier.