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Tips for choosing and designing folders for the training sector

transparent case for trainingIn Mytplast, we want to help training centers choose the right welcome material for those students who begin a training course. We believe that good presentation of the course material the company provides the students for classroom activity is essential; that is why we developed, together with our customers, fully customized solutions tailored to your presentation needs —always using high-quality materials— with the aim of making a big visual impact and conveying your best image.


The training folder includes documentation that the center considers as essential to start and successfully complete the course. It is a set of documents that the teacher presents both to show the process used in their training and the excellent organizational and planning capability of the company. Therefore, the choice of this folder is a primary task as it holds those documents that match the forethought of each training center with the triple purpose of increasing student motivation, enhancing students’ understanding of the content and planning of the training course from the first day, and attracting them with useful and functional material.



In Mytplast, our valued professional team develops custom presentation solutions for training sector because believe that each sector should have its own folder. In this case, we offer a wide range of training folders, customized training notebooks, exercise books and all kinds of resources. We will ensure that the solution offered is adapted to each center and to the content to be taught during the training course by selecting the appropriate print materials within our customers’ budget. The variety of training material we offer is wide and we will always find the perfect choice; including storage folders, recycled folders, spiral-bound folders, accordion folders, folder portfolios, notepads, personalized document wallets, document sleeves, exercise books, and so on.

In addition, our quality manager oversees the entire process of production according to our iso standards and approval of suppliers to ensure the use of quality raw materials. Depending on the complexity of the project a blank model is created prior to manufacturing in order to verify that all specifications are correct.
Our intention is that every training center, whatever their size, possesses the perfect training folder. To achieve the desired impact, our team will work to enhance the image of your business through the selection and design of the best folder. We will be very happy to hear about your ideas and make them a reality.

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Consolidating a brand involves taking into account each element of the company and taking care of each element from start to finish.

  • From any brochure until the envelope containing the brochure
  • The folder that contains the samples of your products
  • The elements to keep different objects study and in formation, books, etc.

In this blog we aim at all times to guide anyone interested in raising all kinds of challenges related to the company's image: design, creation and manufacturing all kind of thermoformed trays for your business.