Why is it so important the corporate identity?

identidad-corporativa-300x222In a communication many factors are involved and can be performed through different channels. The human brain perceives all information that around and processes, both visual and auditory.

Visual communication includes written and photographs, videos, images, shapes and colors. All transmits, all communicates. Everything around us tells us something.

Since visual communication is so important, we must have it very prominent in everything that relates to the brand of the company.


All the visual items of a company form part of its corporate identity, from design and colours of the logo to office design, business cards and bespoke merchandising,

Todos estos elementos deben tener una línea visual unificada para que puedan crear una identidad corporativa adecuada que se fije en la mente de los clientes y que se pueda identificar en un solo golpe de vista.


To create a proper visual identity is very important to plan ahead. Before choosing the shapes and colors, we have to think what you want to convey and to whom. Depending on the product, service and target audience we will choose a design to forward security, luxury, fun ..


This will be a fundamental part of our overall communication strategy. Subsequently it shall remove all elements of the company to convey the message in a coherent way, with a sense of mission, through all the communication channels that we will use.




–           First we must analyze with what the company is involved, what the people are, what target audience is, what is its mission and values.

–           Second you have to define the culture around the company, values, experiences, and emotions with which we want our customers to identify with. It’s how to get them attracted to the brand.

–           The next step will be to define the verbal identity. We must find a name according to the scope of the company, its products or services. And it will also be necessary to establish a form to communicate for contact with the public (formal, informal, academic …).

–           All this will be reflected in the visual identity, a logo that visually identifies the company. Sizes, shapes, colours and different uses of the logo are set out in a corporate identity manual that all staff must understand and abide to.


–           Once we have all these distinct elements we can develop a communication plan that serves to project the identity and position in the minds of consumers. A communication manager is the person responsible for developing the strategy and ensure that communication criteria are met at all times.


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