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Document holder to give to your clients and suppliers

identidad-corporativa-300x222Business gifts are one of the marketing techniques most commonly used, as they help to get the target audience.


It is shown to have a very high efficiency brand communication and influencing positively on people. The company name is fixed in the memory of those who receive the gifts, about 90% of cases. More than half of people are also able to recall the message printed on the personalized gift.


This marketing tool serves, among other purposes, to highlight the brand presence at fairs and events. Give an original, useful and promotional quality product is one of the most profitable ways of communicating a company’s brand among a large number of people.




  • Inform them about new products or services
  • Build loyalty by thanking the clients to have bought a product offering them a gift that adds value.
  • The start-ups enhance its brand image attracting the attention of potential customers.


The business gifts can be quite varied, from pens to USB sticks, bookmarks, document holder for the car or mouse pads.


However, not all gifts have the same effectiveness. The keys for a corporate gift is truly valued and seep into the client’s memory are originality, functionality, durability and quality.


Among the items most valued by clients we can mention the personalised document holders, the ones that Mytplast manufactures are made of polypropylene, a flexible material, resistant to wear and very stylish. This is a very handy item, personalized with the logo of your company, and may contain the brochures and documentation about products and services of your company.

Your clients and suppliers will keep the document holders and will be able to use them in the future to save any kind of documents. Thus, the image of your company will be always present over time.

It’s a promotional product very practical with which you will give a professional impression of your company. They are perfect for conferences, schools, events and to distribute commercial documentation.

Our document holders are an excellent letter of introduction in any professional event in which your company participate, rally useful to deliver documentation to your suppliers.



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