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Advices for cosmetic and pharmaceutical presentation of samples

Advices for cosmetic and pharmaceutical presentation of samplesIn the late nineteenth century the development of graphics and advertising was in widespread use in all types of media by the cosmetic and perfume companies. They wished to create a design and an image to identify their products.



At the Beginning of the twentieth century, the image of the product become more important than words. Companies used to advertise their goods with an strong visual image of the product.

After the 60’s the advertising drawings (the main characters of that decade), started to become old hat, and were quickly replaced by photography which was much more realistic. Magazines were the perfect way to advertise perfume and beauty care products.

A few decades later other advertising products like merchandising, POS displays and cosmetic and perfume samples evolved. In fact, goods appearance is necessary to impress future customers. Not only a good design of the product and its container is important, a good presentation of samples to show the products quality will make the difference.


Beauty care companies are constantly looking for the best format to present their creations. Cosmetic presentations of samples have to present the samples in an optimal and appropriate format to catch the customers eye, smell and touch senses. The same happens with the pharmaceutical presentations of samples.

Presentation of samples is an important sales strength. For some manufacturing fields, to have catalogues is not enough, they have more needs. Companies wants to show the real product. The key factor here is the marketing solutions for the presentation of samples.

The presentation of samples format has to be comfortable and easy to transport. All of these qualities have to be joined with an accurate design.

The presentation of samples formats might be made of quality materials, hold the samples in a good presentation, protect the samples to keep them safe for the transportation. Presentation of sample formats are by far the best way to put a little part of our product on customer’s hands. Functionality is the main quality of sample presentations formats, that is why the design should be elaborate by professionals specialized in sample manufacturing that will analyze all kinds of different factors for example what kind of material are the samples made from ?, in which context will it be used and who will use it.


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