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How to manufacture a sample binder with Mytplast?

sample binder by stepsSample binders are key marketing tools for companies. It is one of most useful tool for a sale team and their clients in order to check quality and range of selected products. Design, use and quality of sample binders are very important when dealing with a solid and trusted company. That is why we must hand its conception to experts with technical means and who know how to conceive a sample binder customized to your tastes.


From the moment the company contacts Mytplast to manufacture a project to its finishing process through delivery to customer; we reach different steps such as.



 1 – Sample binder project

During a meeting with the customer, we study business data and the company image. Thus we elaborate a briefing in which we write down information given by the customer regarding products inside the binder. This step is very important in order to know presentation details so that for example, a sample binder for nails will be very different to a shoe sample binder.


2 – Solution and quote for a sample binder

From customers’ given information, we will elaborate a quote adapted to your needs with the final solution chosen.  It is the first step to select materials, design and endings mostly used for this sample binder. Once everything is seen and approved by customer, Mytplast team starts manufacturing and processing final product.


3 – PAO, printing and manufacturing sample binders

Once size, materials and finishes are validated, we start design process. We send customer a Matchprint in order to validate colors and also other small details are correct. From that moment we print and manufacture sample binder. Above all, our quality department checks all the processing, verifies that all raw materials are first grade and that the finishes are perfect.


4 – Assembling, handling and wrapping processes

Once sample binders are manufactured, we go through chain step, which is the moment to get shaped. For some sector, such as construction sample binder, wood sample binder and electrical sample binder. If the customer wants it, Mytplast makes efficient and it will save a lot of time for the client. For example, we handle and stick whether for textile binder, embroidery binder or color chart binder.

Once finished, the product is wrapped and sent to the customer.

In order to help our customer finding the right binder, our team can assist you at any moment within technical data if needed in order to choose the right definition of your idea of product.


Shall we kick off your Project with step 1?

Explain us your product and goals with the right sample binder!

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