If you are a painter, we create your own color binder


Colors…. This tricky world. Depending on how you look at the light, color specter can be wider with fades even though we cannot see them all.

We do not know with certainty the exact number of fades; we believe that people can see up to a million of different chromatic variations. On one hand, color perception varies from a person to another. In order to catalogue them, a name is given to unify them even though it is estimated.

On the other hand, many factors influence color perception. Inuit for example can be distinguished from up to 30 different white fades which is logical if we believe that they are surrounded by many parts. According its profession, some people such as decorators, painters or designers are able to distinguish very complicated fades hard to see the difference for other people.

Within these entire colors ´mare magnum, when a person Works with colors it is necessary to count with a workshop which can classify, archive or organize all colors that can be used. This fundamental tool is called color binder.

A color card is fundamental if your work is aimed to design or decorate, as well as a sample binder to show your customers.

It is the best option to know product fades. We must take into account that depending material, color shades will be different. That is why it is important to rely on truly samples, the best way to avoid mistakes.

Mytplast is aware that it is compulsory to manufacture personal binders aimed to many sectors.

You will find below some products of our catalogue, mainly binders that Mytplast manufactured.

Color binder for aluminum samples. One of the best binders using aluminum samples. It is strong, easy to use and transport. It is made of OPP transparent with a screen shot printing showing the company´s logotype. The cover is used to protect samples.

– Real sample catalogues. A binder aimed to flat samples as a color card. The final product is delivered entirely ready to be served as our Laboratory does the sample handling job.

-Color cards and product catalogues, all in one. On the inside, we will find different product models and colors. It can be done in OPP and printed in 4 colors offset with matt lamination.

-Color cards for Stone elements. Similar to a color chart but used to introduce coating stones. Material is folding printed in 4 colors Offset with a UV shiny varnish. .


Mortar binders. This binder/case bound contains color charts with a useful opening system such as a fan. The outside is a folding printed 4 colors offset with a shiny lamination.


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