How we process your folder and Sample Presenter Project

proyecto-carpeteria-300x208To carry out a folder or sample presenter Project in a professional way, it should be designedin a comprehensive andpersonalisedmanner andalways in accordance withthe corporateimage of the client.

This is what Mytplast offers, a range of bespoke folders and sample presenter solutions, made with high quality materials and quality finishes taking care of the image of your company.


In the first phase of the project we meet the client to fully understand the business characteristics and the image that the company wants to convey. We constructa briefingcontaining allthe information thecustomer providesconcerning its products, services and target.

This report is the base for developing a customised quote, and it’s the starting point for choosing the models, materials and finishes suitable for samplers or document cases.

From this moment, our team start working to provide the best solution and working within your budget. Once everything is acceptable to our client, the order is validated and we get to work so that everything is done to the agreed dates.

When the designs and materials have been chosen, prepress work starts. When everything is in order the printing and the manufacturing of the folders, boxes and sample presenters commences. We also do the assembly, handling and packaging of the pieces which are delivered to the client warehouse.

Ours is an integral service.On our websiteyou can finda huge variety of bespoke solutions forcatalogues,documents and product samples, from traditionaldesignsto the most exclusivelines.Our designs are intended to achieve the best performance to transmit the best image for our clients.

If you require, on our website you can alsohave free accesstothe download area, from where you can obtainvector fileswithtemplates fordoing your own designsof folders,briefcasesor boxes.

During all the process you will have the technical advice required so that the chosen solution fits yourproducts within thestipulated budget

Our quality departmentoversees the entire process, usinghigh qualityraw materialscarefully selected, as we work onlywith the best suppliers.

By entrusting the development of your samplers and folders, you will have as result a product based on the four pillars of the work we do in Mytplast: quality, usefulness, durability and aesthetics.


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