Get your Clients to be Loyal with Customized Notebooks!



It exists many marketing techniques thought to loyal customers and providers. Depending on the strategy used and the sector, within other things, some work better than others. One of the key is to get a company gift.

Customized gifts are a very practical and economic form and being different from competitors, get customers loyal and get to know new providers.

What do you have to take into account in order to select company?

  • Look for a company gift which arises the public target regarding your company (women, children, peculiar professional sectors). Each one will have a preference.
  • Take into account the sector, therefore is it not the same a cosmetic brand than a technological company.
  • Study where company gifts will be delivered (congress, fair-trade, introduction…).
  • Choose a practical gift which will always work, using it or not. This is a key factor to get to know a company in various aspects within low costs.
  • Select a high quality product, original and attractive with a company identity reachable to compete with other manufacturer.

Customized booklets

One of the best gifts which are adapted to all public is the customized booklet.

Mytplast customized notebooks are covering all the aspect mentioned above and furthermore are an excellent form of getting nearer the target for many reasons:

  • They are very cheap so it is necessary to invest high.
  • They are practical so that customers and providers will use them.
  • They last long so brand will get to many persons during timescale.

Materials, templates and endings which can be selected for a customized booklet are very different. It is important that lid colors are similar to other company color chart. If you prefer a neutral booklet, you might get logotype with correct pantones. In this case, one printing with one ink, we must make sure that it has been established in the corporate manual of identity for a single color print.

Other aspects to take into account in order to select a customized booklet are the type of frame, rounded corners, sheet thickness, closure system, lid width and the quantity of sheets to insert.

In order to select all these things, we must take into account apart from the quote and budget, booklet destination. For instance, customized booklets can be manufactured, smaller to take it into bags or ecological booklets using Kraft paper or if you want to add a new value to corporative company image.

Do you need that Mytplast assist you in order to get your customers and providers loyal?


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