How to cover a file folder? School, College and University

How to cover a file folder? One of the most attractive ideas for students is to buy its new school books and decorate them in order to have a more personal and motivated file holder. Options to customize are varied like kids and youngster imagination. With a little bit of creativeness, you can convert a basic folder into a unique and decorated folder a lot more attractive than any other model you may find in shops. It exists many ideas to decorate folders and not only for kids or youngsters. Also university students and adults can give a different view to its folders.


How to decorate a folder?

Ideas to decorate school folderscustomized-folders

Small children like colors, animals and animated characters from favorite cartoons and movies.  E can add many elements such as folders to make them more fun. The most important thing is to add a nice protection towards spots and hits so that our creativity does not end in vain. We may propose some ideas in order to decorate school folders as followings.

Drawings to decorate small children folders

For the little ones, one way to introduce funny shapes is to personalize folders using foamy. This material can be bought in crafty shops within sheets of various colors.

This material has a lot of advantages when creating crafting sessions with the little ones, easy to cut, glue or even paint. It is washable, non toxic and very easy to handle. The idea is to draw a shape of favorite characters on a basic color. Furthermore, they draw and cut with scissors elements such as cloth, hair, eyes, etc… and glue them one above the other.

In order to avoid being used, once the drawing is created, we can protect them with a plastic sheet for book covering.

Pre-school children will be happy to collaborate in decorating their folders because they can use other materials such as painting with the hands. The idea is to get their hands and shapes of objects painted on a folding card size of a folder. Once it is dry, we stick it on the top of folders and we cover them with plastic.

How to decorate folders for school?

On a basis of general context, teenagers like to decorate their folder with pictures of their idols, sport, and actor or singer type. But there are more options we will tell you below.

Decorate school folders

Covering folders is a nice way to customize your folder. You can use paper or textile. Paper coverings are easy to work and change whenever you wish.

In order not to get confused with sizes, you can find on Internet printable templates with adequate measures. Once the covering is glued, you can add all decorating that you wish.

You can add pictures, sentences or famous texts scissoring revues letters. The ones who are handcrafted can be artistic drawing or painting their best designs. Start with a basic drawing to shape it when results are satisfactory.

Using a color paper in Grey o Brown, you can add shadows effects through graphite pencils, coal en White color pencil for light touches. Once ended, you must protect it using a special spray you may buy in special handcrafted shops or with adhesive translucide plastic. If you do not want to decorate your own work, you may use templates with attractive designs.

Another option will be to make collage, something easy and funny to do. You only need a purpose and gather pictures you are going to use. Some ideas that work the best are friend’s pictures o animals, comics and post cards. You can also add cut letters to create sentences. Before we glue collage pieces it would be good to test different positions and designs. Once we have it clear, we can fix it on the top.


How to decorate a folder for University

University people and adults who use folders in their work will customize differently their own colors as they will not focus on science characters or famous persons. For them, we do have alternatives so we are going to see how to decorate a folder for University or company. In case you want a professional designer for company team, you can rely on professionals conceiving customized folders.

How to decorate your folder with style

Ideas to decorate folders for University must have a more conceived touch. Possibilities are various, so that imagination and creativity will not be affected by age.

One of most used technique is the découpage. The découpage consists of decorating surfaces like wood, textile or others with paper or textile shadows cut. Once decoration is done, we will apply several varnish layers till the elements are totally integrated and like painted. It is a very easy technique because you just have to cut, glue and varnish.

How to decorate a folder with decoupage: We choose an original paper; we cut it in a way it covers all the surface and edges of the folder. Then you must fix it tight on the surface and leave it so that it can dry in order to start decorating with motives we have chosen. We stick pictures above pictures and once finished, we apply several varnish layers till we got the right effect.

Create artistic stickers for the folders are an original and practical way to personalize them. In that way, even if we get decorated folder, you will know its content without knowing how to open it.

We also can prepare more complex designs with negative space. Negative space is the one we have around shapes or shadows. Pure negative space is flat scenes while positive space is the shapes, object and characters from a picture. In order to use it to decorate folders, we must place two pieces of paper with different colors. We trace and cut shapes on the outer layer and when taking out cuts, we leave colors of the under layer at sights.

I you are looking for something simple, you can also decorate your folder adding inspiring and humoristic phrases, songs or poems…. .You can color them on old paper that you can wet though tea. Then your folder will look like an old book.

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