Conference´ folders. Different types of document folders!


corporative-folderPeople use these folders for many reasons, from document folders to archive docs to congress folders more practical to take notes during conferences.

It is one of the reasons why companies use company ´folders and catalogue folders as a marketing tool in order to get to reflect corporative image to the customers. We are talking of one tool which is reliable and practical within timescale.

Materials, design and manufacturing of document folders for Congress

Design and manufacture of all kind of document folders, sleeves, covers, and plastic folder have a strategic target for companies. Materials, sizes and capacity of binders will adjust to each case. Mytplast can use Plastic, OPP, paper overboard or folding and print 1 to 4 colors depending on customer’s tastes and using a printing technique (screenshot or offset) on folder chosen.


Personal folders for congress

Your projects are tailor made, Mytplast can personalize them as much as you like adding complements such as ring binders, lids, pen holders, die cut and door knobs the shape you like. Our expert team will assist you with many possibilities in order to get a brilliant and elegant result. If you need to be assisted in order to get you Congress folders, Mytplast can help you 🙂


Congress and document folders

These are some examples of folders to archive documents:

  • OPP congress folders to hold documents. This type of folder is designed with closing tab and screen printed 1 or 2 colors. It is recommended for merchandising and in-company training lectures.
  • Congress folder with a peach touch. Its touch is very elegant and smooth which makes it easy to use. Its closing system using a third lid assures that documents are well protected. Useful to hand in congress and conventions.
  • Congress folders in OPP. Now with a large color chart, this translucide binder has a very nice shape, resistant with liquids and very adequate for lectures, conferences and seminars. Also use to show products catalogues.
  • Document folders for lectures. Specially used for day work, seminars and lectures, very practical to take notes and very complete thanks to its inside lids and pen holder.
  • Congress folders in silver color. This type of Congress folders are an ideal communicative tool to take notes in lectures and day works. It is a very elegant tool especially with silver color. Thus it lasts long and can adapt itself to any complements: Document holder, pen holder, inside lid, PVC pocket….
  • Lectern folder. High quality PVC ring binders printed in 4 colors with shiny OPP which have a third body which allow them to open widely. The indispensable tool for presenting meetings and others.

These are folders for lectures, seminars and other important events. You must choose your needs in order to manufacture the best folder you may want to have. Now that you have seen above different folders

Know more about Folders:

– Know the sample solutions and folders for educational sector 

– Improve the image of your company with ecological products


You just have to select the one you need!


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