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Know the sample solutions and folders for educational sector

carpeteria_universidades-300x222Private learning centers offer a wide range of courses to train qualified professionals from all sectors. Business Schools, universities and occupational training courses have high quality face-to-face classes, distance and online courses.

All this learning centers have in common, even those offering on line courses that elaborate lots of learning material for the students. When these start their course receive information, calendar, exams dates, homework delivery dates, etc…They also receive a dossier with the contents of the subjects, manuals and bibliography needed. In most cases, courtesy of the training center, are given a notebook to take notes.

We know that private training is expensive for the students, who have to pay an important amount of money if they want to attend to a quality course or master. Quality contents and qualified teachers are essential for the students being satisfied with the investment done and to improve their CV and their work options.

A high quality content poorly presented, may damage the image of the training company. Hence, it is so important the content as the way of presenting this, caring corporate image using quality materials and elegant design.

Mytplast is specialized in training sector folders. Our professional team helps the centers to choose the material more suitable for each kind of course and students. We have a huge line of training sector folders. Our products are made with quality materials and manufactured customized and adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to get a big visual impact and convey a professional image of your company that reflects your professionalism and know how. For this reason we advise the client from the start to choose the best solution: sizes, materials, models … adapting to the client budget.

We have a huge rang e of training folders, bespoken notepads, notebooks, ring binders, briefcases, expanding folders, document folders and all kind of material for training centers. You will find the best solution for you company and adapted to the content of the course.

Before choosing the product, you can get a White mock up to validate the technical characteristics and sizes.

Our goal is getting that each training center, whatever its size and specialty, can have suitable training folders. We put all our experience at your service for both teachers and students receive a positive impression of their training center.


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