Difference between corporate visual identity and corporate identity

1342601121-P1017418-264x200We are often heard talking about the company image, visual identity and corporate identity, it’s really common that the use of these terms is distinctly mixed up, so that it’s difficult to find differences among them. It is also very common to think that knowing the existence of one of them we know the meaning of the others.


They may seem the same, but have different meaning. For this reason, today we are going to explain as simply as possible about the differences between visual identity and corporate identity.




When we hear about corporate identity, we usually immediately think of the logo of a company, size, color, shape, or business cards, bespoken folders and sample presenters and stamps. In short, we associate the corporate image with the brand.



However, the corporate identity of a company is much more than that. Is the set of intangible values that a brand transmits to the client, feelings and emotions, which lends confidence and their ability to retain their clients.




With this concept we refer to the tangible part, to what we can see. That is, the aspects as graphic design, which is essential for corporate identity and can transmit the intangible values.


The visual identity is the logo of a company, its colour, its typography, aspects and its website utility, product catalogues, hoarding and media campaigns.


In short, to build the corporate visual identity we create a footprint that helps to recognize and differentiate our brand and position it in the consumer’s mind.


The use of the corporate visual identity in a coherent way on all the company elements, from business cards up to the website, is not easy. To achieve it is necessary to have a corporate visual identity manual where the uses of the logo rules are collated, such as colours and typographies…


This manual must be used for everyone who takes part in the brand communication process, both internal and external staff. This is the best way to ensure that graphic design it’s properly applied on all the supports that the company is using.


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