Improve the image of your company with ecological products

Carpeta ecológicaThe process known as 3 R (reduces, recycle and reuse) is much more than a fashion or a cool tendency, the use of recycled materials it’s a need for the environmental conservation.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of using products made with recycled material and they want to work with responsible companies in this subject. Therefore, companies must take on this commitment to the planet, with society and with their customers by offering environmentally responsible products.

So as far as possible, within business marketing strategies is important to include an ecological range of products manufactured with recycled materials to develop and keep a good corporate image. It is one of the best ways to approach the consumer by transmitting intangible values of commitment and ecology.

Take advantage the planet’s resources, improve product quality, reduce pollution and recycle as much as possible are behaviours than can be reflected in various actions. One of them is the goody, as is a good way to show our clients this responsible attitude.

There are many ideas for corporate gifts or for internal use items that can be environmentally friendly. Folder solutions can be used by the staff of the company or to give to the suppliers and clients in events, congress or shows. Product catalogues may also be presented in ecological folders.

Mytplast has an ecological product line made entirely friendly materials with the environment. In this section you can find all from ring folders, notebooks and elastic folders from cases, briefcases and folders made with ecological cardboard and 100% recycled materials.

Our ecological products are both case bound and non case bound. Finishes are excellent, one or more colours printed. We use natural rope for the briefcases with handle giving them a much more natural look. All our ecological products are bespoken and totally personalized.

Using these items the company collaborates with environmental sustainability and contributes to progressively reduce pollution, since the manufacturing process of green folders is respectful of nature.

Whatever sectors your company or business is we invite you to visit our green line and see how your corporate image can benefit from its use.

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