We visited Graphispag to understand the latest packaging techniques and tailor made sample presenters

graphispag 2015Graphispag 2015 exhibition is already over, having taken place in Fira de Barcelona. Its activity, venues, experience and leadership make it one of the most important trade fair institutions in Europe

It is the benchmark event for the Spanish graphic arts sector and one of the four biggest fairs of its kind in Europe.It represents a huge draw for international companies like Mytplast, especialized in bespoke folders and sample presenters and buyers from the Mediterranean basin, America, and Asia. It constitutes the most comprehensive and decisive platform for the technical renewal of the sector.

The conference offers the latest innovations in machinery and accessories for different printing, finishing and transformation systems which add an extra value to our products, that is the reason why we cannot miss this event.




More than 200 companies from different 13 countries showed their products at Graphispag, JMPGLUE-JET from EmbaGrap specially attracted our attention. JMPGLUE-JET plotters are the latest milestone in technology applied to minimising the time spent on assembly line gluing tasks, especially the gluing of boxes, sales stands, displays, cases, folders, sample presenters, tailor made packaging and POS displays.

We were also interested in new machines for making cases and semiautomatic boxes, like Comercial Castany’s machines who offers high quality results with a pretty short period of execution.

One of our interests is the search for original materials for bookbinding like leather, paper or canvas (Compte-Internacional), a wide range of materials for manufacturing our boxes, ring folders binders, custom folders or suitcases…

We made commercial contacts with the others exhibitors, in addition to this we had the opportunity to enjoy the PrintAllExperience, a recreation of a home, a shop and a bar made of printed sheets created by the exhibitors. An original way to show the wide range of possibilities that printing is offering to the daily life.

In The PrintInnovationZone we got to know some companies future projects like functional printing, electronically printing and 3D printing. We saw different original and revolutionary products like intelligent graphic products, packaging that glows in the dark,  3D Inkjet printers….

What do you think about these? Have you already used this innovate techniques for making packaging? 

Image source: pressgraphblog


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