What is a sample binder and what it is for?

Even though anyone has a generic idea of what is a sample binder and what is it for, we must start by saying that this Word has many definitions depending on the matter it is used.


In order to establish an answer to what is a sample binder? We must take a look within our experience and definitions of sample binders you may find on Internet or Dictionary.


Definition of sample binder 1:

The most accurate definition of a sample binder is the one which gather same company´s range of products on sale checks with no other aim to easy a buying decision from the customer.

Definition of sample binder 2:

According to oxforddictonaries.com a sample binder is a mix of goods which must be taught to know diversity of products offered and technical of the same.


Definition of sample binder 3:

According to RAE, the answer to what is a sample binder is something more delicate: “Collection of sample for merchants”.

The importance of sample binder

A sample binder is a very effective and important marketing tool. Thanks to them, the customer can see and touch the product at the same time. To prepare and use sample binders we must take into account that they have to be easy to handle, resistant and light. Another important aspect is that they are customized with the company´s picture and tailor made for special use. We are going to see it with more details:

  • A specific sample binder for each product. The best way to sell is to show its product. With these sample binder, the commercial team has a selling tool which cannot subrogate a printed or digital catalogue. Videos and photographs are ok but arrange that the customer gets closer to samples is a way to seal a deal very quickly. Sample binder must be practical. The sale team must carry and use the binder more than once. In order to easy its job, the sample binder has to be compact, light, easy to expose and pick-up. Furthermore, it must contain technical information regarding product, printed in our warehouse if possible or in files. You must remember to place a flap for possible documents.


  • Quality sample binder. Design, materials and finishing textures say a lot from your company. A sample binder is also image and a lot of time is the first impression customer gets from the company. That is why, it is important to choose an adequate material for right samples, strong enough to resist. Thus, you must clean and organize it well. A sample binder which is badly used will be with time a bad communicative tool for your company´s corporative image.  You must update it with frequency, once a year or at the end of selling period.


  • A good elaborated sample binder. The best thing to do is to externalize design project unless the company has the professional means to do it itself and sample binder production is done by a manufacturer of sample binder such as Mytplast, which is the best actor to elaborate you selling tool. This little investment will suppose a big saving time and a lot of worries. Thus, we will win introduction quality. An expert company will use the right materials for different products, shape and accessories. That way, the binder wins efficiency and is due to be the best letter of introduction of your company.

What purpose does a sample binder have?

Well, in some cases, it is easy to deduce what does a sample binder brings: It is a tool which allows future customers to check in situ quality, appearances, textures, smell and other aspects of a product which will be impossible the other way round.


Keys to success for a sample binder

You must always take into account that a sample binder, as a marketing tool, is a product more effective to visual companies. Communication is the key to success for a right mental understanding, so it symbolizes ideas, describe products and create a solid corporative image which transmits company values. A sample binder must take into account all these goals.

In order that a sample binder is successful and fulfill its mission, we must not forget the following thing:

  • Sample binder main target is to get customer and influence on its decision to buy it so it must be different to competitors for its design, quality and use.
  • Sample binder allows customer to visualize very easily and intuitively the range of products and provokes its interest. That is why, it must be easy to handle.
  • As an element of visual communication, sample binder must transmit a professional image and respect the corporative identity of the brand using a clean design and with samples well identified (stickers) in order to give sufficient information to customers.
  • Tailor made design is the best solution for irregular samples, high weight and small size. This is very important in case of building materials for example. Customized solutions show better company images and more impact on the customer.

How to manage and create sample binders

When we decide to rely on a company to print our sample binders, they are able to prepare the design and advise us on material and textures to chose. Normally, this process has several phases:

  • Project initial. It is the first contact with sample binder manufacturer. The company explains its needs, company´s image, type of samples, etc….All this information will be inserted in a report named briefing.
  • The quote: Will all the information taken and given by the customer on the briefing, sample binder manufacturer will elaborate a specific quote will all detailed design, materials, accessories and textures. Furthermore, we can insert sample handling if the customer wishes it. Once customer has agreed with the quote sent, manufacturer starts to elaborate sample binder.
  • Starting the Production. With quote accepted, work starts with design and PAO. When tests are validated and accepted, we can start printing the material and manufacture sample binder. In general, the same manufacturer does the cut, handling of samples, wrapping and shipment to customers facilities.

These full processing are the ones offered by the company. Some customers prefer to create its own design and save money.   The best manufacturer have unload access server in order to unload files.

Finally, the target is to achieve a result trough quality, utility, timeless and aesthetic.

Now that you know what a sample binder is, what do we use them for, its benefits and other creative process…


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