New fashionable packaging for 2016

packagingPresent your product in an attractive manner is one of the best tool to get new customers. As consumers, we are attracted to packaging and product cases, your clients will feel more attracted towards your products with an amazing packaging using a softy and original artwork.


As usual, packaging is keen on fashion; new ideas are put into shape and get better. Thus, every year professional from different sector introduce new outstanding lines regarding packaging and product binders.

That is why you must be informed on which packaging tendencies will go further this year. Do not miss this article.


Intelligent packaging


The rise of internet sales has influenced on the way to conceive traditional advertisement. These ads were forced to find a way to get new clients in sale shops.

In 2016 intelligent packaging are really strong on the market and very active. They certainly will be the winners. A new thing that we will see is that this packaging changes color depending on our hands ´heat.


Simplicity above all


One of the new tendencies is to produce easily opening and fastening system. This simple change is an important one by the time the product gets to be seen. A personal binder easy to handle does not have to be boring. We must create.


Ecology, not to underestimate


Respectful artwork with the eco system is very fashionable. Manufacturing packaging, tailor-made binders or product binders which are recycled or using recycled materials is a growing tendency, furthermore is gives an absolutely responsible corporate image.


Emotions to sell


Talking about feelings, sensations, reminders or positive emotions are used more and more in the advertisement industry. And packaging is not far from them. Wrapping packaging which knows how to transmit feelings sell more. Thus, brands have found a way to distinguish form competitors when products are very similar in quality and price.


Sincerity and transparency


Consumers nowadays have all the information within a click that is why it is important to offer a good labeling as well as complete and truly information on your product catalogues. Transparency is a key factor for the consumer in order to know product composition.


To sum up, packaging tendencies for this year are focused on seducing the consumer using creativity, transparency and ecologic methods so that consumer feels good within your products.


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