Ideas to conceive sample construction binders

communication is one of the most important aspects we may have to deal within order to create a good business marketing plan. Visual elements serve to describe your products and services; furthermore they might get useful to create a corporate image which flows its values.


On the other hand, we must understand the public target and the type of product or service you want to offer in order to design communicative skills which focus the target.


Sight communication is a compound of communicative elements which get to the target through customers from different channels; such as website or social Netscape to physical ones as business cards, catalogues or binders.


It is very important that these elements have a unique criterion around the brand: logotypes, colors, kind of writing or even communicative styles should follow the same line…to adapt them to a single public target.


How to conceive a sample construction binder


Sample presentation for construction are a little complicated to design for sample peculiar reasons which may be treated as follows


Packaging must be attractive for the customers and also be different from competitors so it must be elegant, attractive and original.


At the same time, it must be easy to handle and carry. It is very important that samples can be extracted and inserted easily; that will get customers interest on it. Thus, samples in general have to be small because binder has to be seen.


The binder must be well structured with a clear label which processes all the information necessary for the consumer and also thought to deal with such samples.


Regarding sample construction binders, we must be careful that is it functional and practical taking into account that samples of different products such as ceramic, aluminum, mortars…are not easy to deal with.


We must add a very elegant artwork which gets consumer´ attention and distinguishes from competitors.


Mytplast is aware of these needs. That is why our professional team studies carefully each particular case to conceive binders which require your customers not depending on sectors. Only with a fully team work and a high dedication to I+D+I can be created such original designs using high quality raw material which set value to your corporate image.


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-If you are a painter, we create your own color binder

-Do you have samples you need to add stickers o anything else? We take care of everything!

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