Tips for preparing for a Trade Show

Tips for preparing for a Trade ShowOne of the most important marketing actions that a company can carry out is to attend a trade show relevant to its activity.

Trade shows are an excellent meeting point in themselves and to show “in situ” the latest news and products to a large amount of people concentrated in a few days.

The cost of attending these events is very high, since it involves travel, stand rental, staffing and merchandising materials development, among other things. To produce a return for the cost and maximize the results of attendance at a professional event is essential to strategically plan your presence and especially recruit the best specialists in industrial design and manufacturing of sample presentations and custom folders for all the merchandising of our business is taken care of every detail.

Therefore, it is essential to know which are the keys to success as an exhibitor, thus ensuring that the investment is profitable, effective and efficient.


The stand is one of the most important elements. Proper location and good visibility improve your business results.

To calculate the stand area you should consider how many Representatives from your company will be on the stand at peak times.  About 9 m2 / representative should ensure comfort and privacy for visitors.

To choose a good location it’s necessary to study the plan of the show entrances, central and side halls, coffee shop…The best location for a booth is to be in a central isle, main halls or entrance areas. The second and cheaper option is to locate the booth next to meeting rooms and rest areas.



Being in a trade show is a big opportunity to improve your presence in a target market

It is essential to keep the stand clean and tidy at all times and maintain a positive and dynamic attitude towards visitors. Avoid sitting, reading, eating or talking on the phone.

Ensure the staff that is going to be hosting the stand to avoid these mistakes.



It’s necessary to plan ahead to ensure the success of the merchandising for the trade show, thinking on what to give to differentiate the company from competitors, finding useful pieces which ensure the brand prominence in time and with a company that offers quality and meet deadlines delivery.

Another key of success is to be selective with the people who are given the products. There’s no use in giving your merchandising items indiscriminately to everyone. Some sweets can be a nice touch for the mass audience, but the custom sample presenters will be effective for potential real customers only.

Alternatively for bespoken sample presenters you can see posts below for some advice to follow:

–          Advice on the design of sample presenters for building materials

–          Advice on choosing and designing folders for the education market

Business cards, catalogues and customized folders to keep and carry all this information, are essential and really effective elements.



The main goal of attending to a trade show is to turn some visitors into valued clients, it is crucial to keep in touch with them once the event is over.

To ensure accurate monitoring of our potential customers you will have to create a database, this can be achieved by offering something that creates value in exchange for useful information such as an e-book or newsletter. We should also think about the strategy to get such a database, offer a merchandising gift that truly offers value is a possibility.

Next step will be evaluate our share in the fair based on previously established objectives: Number of visits, number of contacts for the data base, sales, etc. Thus we can correct and improve our results for the next fair.


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