The importance to attend fair-trades


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Attending fair-trades or exhibition is the best way to show your brand, your best products but also news that could be of interest on the market.



On the other hand, it is very important to attend fair-trades in order to increase sales and also establish contacts with future customers and distributors. Do not forget that this type of event gets a lot of people on the same place in just a few days. Normally, the first days are more for professionals then a large public can visit fair-trades.


Thus, it is a great opportunity to know on first stage what your competitors do and recap information on opinions and consumers ´requests. With all that information, you can focus on your target and satisfy your customers within the market.


To attend a fair-trade, congress or exhibition implies a meticulous planned trip and the actions we might have to carry on, from hiring a booth to prepare binders for the fair-trade or case bound binders depending on the case. It is important not to leave aside anything as these events are truly expensive.

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  • At first, you must select which fair-trades you want to attend. There are a lot of events and some might be best for our product or sector in order to boost sales.
  • Depending on targets, you might want to establish a participating project drawing. Booth elections as well as place have to be the best as it may result very or poorly attractive to visitors.
  • The personal who will attend this fair-trade must unify information towards the brand, your products and how to establish relationships with future clients.
  • Furthermore, booth decoration is important to show products or services. We must prepare different goodies to offer to the public.
  • You might prepare information on your company, on one side and on the other side news in general. Fair-trades binders are perfect to contain key information and if they are well distributed, you can have a distributor, current customers and future customers files.
  • You cannot miss contact information through the commercial team or directly the company. That is why; you must have business cards but do not forget that a ring binder is much more appropriate to have all the info the customer needs.
  • When you cannot have the physical product at hand, you must get a fair-trade binder easy to handle, with an elegant artwork which may be taken by customers.


Finally and after the fair-trade, you must analyze the results and prepare a working plan for contacts in order to work better all the targets that you may want to reach one day. When all is information is gather, we will prepare a new edition.


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