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Details do matter in printing on the sample presenters


The corporative identity is an added value that every company should have, it is the best cover letter and the first impression to the customer.
A company with a well constructed corporate identity in all their communication supports is more likely to be remembered by the actual customers and the potential ones. It also helps you stand apart from your competitors
All the elements that contains the corporate identity, from office material, custom folders, business cards, pens, to brief cases, are an excellent low cost way to promote your company.


To create a prestigious brand, all you need is an excellent product/service, a proper management and to be recognised by the target audience with an identity of quality and loyalty.
We cannot forget about what people perceive, notice and think about your company, what is key if we want a good positioning in our market area.
That is why we should take care of every single detail of our brand identity. For example if we manufacture ring binders, a high weight cardboard with a nice laminate will transmit a better impression than a thin cardboard base and a bad laminate.
The UVI varnish, the silvere or gold hot foil stamping, the glossy or matt laminates are some of the finishes that gives distinction to the printed materials and gives long-lasting results. To decide the kind of finishes you require you have to consider variables like transport, customers and the budget.
It is not the same to manufacture custom sample presenters, brief cases, or binder to give as a gift in our meetings/conferences than a single plastic pen.
We apply UVI varnish in a spot zone of the printing to make stand it out. We apply the gloss mainly on a matt surface. To use this technique on the folders, a laminate and a UVI varnish application on the logo, a picture… are needed.
The thermal foil stamping applies a film by using heat and pressure. The final result is an elegant and long-lasting finish.This can be Gold and silver or other colours
With offset varnishes, we apply a thin gloss or matt layer on the surface, like we were using ink, this gives a more protected printed surface.

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Packaging and merchandising blog

Consolidating a brand involves taking into account each element of the company and taking care of each element from start to finish.

  • From any brochure until the envelope containing the brochure
  • The folder that contains the samples of your products
  • The elements to keep different objects study and in formation, books, etc.

In this blog we aim at all times to guide anyone interested in raising all kinds of challenges related to the company's image: design, creation and manufacturing all kind of thermoformed trays for your business.