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Screen printing

Screen printing is a technique which is used to reproduce a document or an image on any rigid or semi-rigid material. It involves transferring an ink through a mesh which is stretched on a frame. The ink is blocked in the non-printable areas by using an emulsion, leaving open the area where the ink will go. The printing system is repetitive, meaning that the printing process can be repeated hundreds and even thousands of times without losing definition. Screen printing allows printing with high definition and high resolution. It is a cost effective technique for printing small or large series. Please consult other section regarding Details and accessories for your samples and catalogs .

Recommended for the sectors:

  • Graphical arts and editorial sector Graphical arts and editorial sector

All our projects are made to measure.

Therefore, we give you the possibility to customize your Screen printing as you want, with the shape of die and mold or the impression that you want and with any type of accessory or complement.

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