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Offset printing

Offset or lithographic printing is an indirect printing technology which is done by first transferring the colour to monochromatic plates (one plate for each print colour). It can then be printed in paper, PVC and polypropylene. The most common offset print is four colour (CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow and black), but it is also perfectly possible to print pantone colours in offset. Offset printing is in general very fast and very economical for large runs. Please consult other section regarding Details and accessories for your samples and catalogs .

Recommended for the sectors:

  • Graphical arts and editorial sector Graphical arts and editorial sector

All our projects are made to measure.

Therefore, we give you the possibility to customize your Offset printing as you want, with the shape of die and mold or the impression that you want and with any type of accessory or complement.

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