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Polypropylene divider folder

Offset and screen printed translucent polypropylene folder. The polypropylene folder's size and edges can vary: round, rectangular or custom edges. The folder's interior dividers can be carved in translucent or opaque polypropylene sheet. Each divider has a semi-circular shape tab, one-colour screen printed. These dividers can be in either polypropylene or cardboard with or without printing. They are fastened on the folder's spine by means of two metal rivets. Elastics band closure with the colour of your choice among our large range.

Recommended for the sectors:

  • Training sector and courses Training sector and courses
  • Fairs, conventions, hospitality and tourism sector Fairs, conventions, hospitality and tourism sector
  • Classification folder - 1
  • Classification folder - 2
  • Classification folder - 3

All our projects are made to measure.

Therefore, we give you the possibility to customize your Polypropylene divider folder as you want, with the shape of die and mold or the impression that you want and with any type of accessory or complement.

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