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  • Do you have samples you need to add stickers o anything else? We take care of everything!

    muestrario para materiales y proyectos

    Mytplast as professional designer we manufactures personal binder. We are aware that a good communicative support is important in order to introduce company´s profile as well as wining new clients or devoting them. Our target is to offer main solutions in order to show your samples, product catalogues and documents which may give value to […]

  • Document holder to give to your clients and suppliers

    maletín con muestras de cerámicas

    Business gifts are one of the marketing techniques most commonly used, as they help to get the target audience.   It is shown to have a very high efficiency brand communication and influencing positively on people. The company name is fixed in the memory of those who receive the gifts, about 90% of cases. More […]

  • Menu holder, a distinctive touch for restaurants

    portamenus para hostelería

    Hotel and restaurant business, need offering their clients a menu where consulting easy and clearly the dishes and drinks the local offers. Menu is not only an informative document with dishes and prices, it’s a powerful marketing tool that serves to increase customer loyalty in the same way they do care, service and product quality. […]

  • Known printing systems to develop a folder project

    carpetas personalizadas con anillas

      The design of a folder project and the producing of sample presenters require for Mytplast a conscientious planning of the communication needs. We must keep several elements in mind: format, the information is going to contain, target…The type of sample will define/decide also size and form of the container box and type of it, […]

  • Which are the ideal systems for the presentation of sample presenters?

    Maletín de ceramicas

      As aleading company inthe manufacture of briefcases for samples our main goal is to offer ourcustomers a widerange ofdimensions and shapes, to suitthe specific characteristicsof eachsector. Our teamandthe most advanced machineryenableus to custom manufacture boxes for samples, cases, suitcases and folders. Always withthe best materials andhigh quality finishes. Theaccumulated years of experience in this industry shows […]

  • Corporate gifts as a strategy to improve customers loyalty

    carpeta porta-documentos para el coche

      Marketing strategies used to build and promote customers loyalty are continuously reinvented. Some of these techniques are older than marketing plans, for example corporate gifts. Custom gifts are an excellent complement to promote and add value to your company and to create differences from your competitors, that is why corporate gifts should be present […]

  • Advices for cosmetic and pharmaceutical presentation of samples

    kits para muestrarios

    In the late nineteenth century the development of graphics and advertising was in widespread use in all types of media by the cosmetic and perfume companies. They wished to create a design and an image to identify their products.   ADVERTISING AND GRAPHIC ARTS EVOLUTION IN COSMETIC, PERFUME AND PHARMACEUTICAL FIELDS At the Beginning of […]

  • Merchandising material for the tourism sector

    carpeta con anillas para hotel

    Merchandising has become a key element in obtaining success in the hotel and tourism industry. Both appropriate promotional material and advertising are essential to attract the curiosity of the customer, increase sales and achieve profitability. The fundamental objective of merchandising is to promote and to encourage the purchase within the point of sale by creating […]