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  • How to cover a file folder? School, College and University

    muestrario de telas de colores

    How to cover a file folder? One of the most attractive ideas for students is to buy its new school books and decorate them in order to have a more personal and motivated file holder. Options to customize are varied like kids and youngster imagination. With a little bit of creativeness, you can convert a […]

  • 6 types of congress binders

    carpeteria personalizada para universidades

    Do you need congress binders? Mytplast has many customized and handy solutions for congress binders, elegant and made using high quality raw materials. Congress binders are of the most used material to give to lecture assistant, conferences, seminars and other similar events. This type of product has two functions. On one side, it has a […]

  • Use of Ring Binders

    carpeta con anillas de polipropileno

    Ring binders are very useful in Offices. Thus, they archive many documents for different companies and also get the reputation of merchandising element. A customized ring binder is very practical end cheap so that it can offer company publicity and get to know the brand to very important customers. Furthermore, it is very important to […]

  • Documents holder… – Get, Catch and loyal customers!

    caja portadocumentos

    Have you discover possibilities of documents holder? Documents holder for Congress, catalogue folders or any other type of document folder is a great tool for many reasons.   Reasons to use a documents holder made of cardboard On one hand it is the best option to secure documents, inside the office or going to another […]

  • Conference´ folders. Different types of document folders!

    carpeteria personalizada para universidades

      People use these folders for many reasons, from document folders to archive docs to congress folders more practical to take notes during conferences. It is one of the reasons why companies use company ´folders and catalogue folders as a marketing tool in order to get to reflect corporative image to the customers. We are […]

  • The importance to attend fair-trades

    packaging para congresos de 2016

      Attending fair-trades or exhibition is the best way to show your brand, your best products but also news that could be of interest on the market.     On the other hand, it is very important to attend fair-trades in order to increase sales and also establish contacts with future customers and distributors. Do […]

  • Do you need a ring binder? We manufacture it upon your requirements

    muestrario de pinturas

    Ring binders are one of the most used supports/formats for any companies. They are part of offices raw material to conserve and classify documentation but also as an element of merchandising strongly used to introduce information about products and services that your company may offer (printed binders or diaries for example). Thus, it is used […]

  • Kits and cases of product presentation, an essential element

    kits para muestrarios

    Kits and cases of product presentation are an essential support tool for the sales team of a company. They are also one of the best forms of advertising at the point of sale, highlighting face competition. A case for sample product with a cared design and quality finishes, as those which Mytplast offers, should not […]

  • Know the sample solutions and folders for educational sector

    carpeteria personalizada para universidades

    Private learning centers offer a wide range of courses to train qualified professionals from all sectors. Business Schools, universities and occupational training courses have high quality face-to-face classes, distance and online courses. All this learning centers have in common, even those offering on line courses that elaborate lots of learning material for the students. When […]

  • Difference between corporate visual identity and corporate identity

    porta menús para restauración

    We are often heard talking about the company image, visual identity and corporate identity, it’s really common that the use of these terms is distinctly mixed up, so that it’s difficult to find differences among them. It is also very common to think that knowing the existence of one of them we know the meaning […]

  • Why is it so important the corporate identity?

    maletín con muestras de cerámicas

    In a communication many factors are involved and can be performed through different channels. The human brain perceives all information that around and processes, both visual and auditory. Visual communication includes written and photographs, videos, images, shapes and colors. All transmits, all communicates. Everything around us tells us something.

  • Menu holder, a distinctive touch for restaurants

    portamenus para hostelería

    Hotel and restaurant business, need offering their clients a menu where consulting easy and clearly the dishes and drinks the local offers. Menu is not only an informative document with dishes and prices, it’s a powerful marketing tool that serves to increase customer loyalty in the same way they do care, service and product quality. […]

  • Known printing systems to develop a folder project

    carpetas personalizadas con anillas

      The design of a folder project and the producing of sample presenters require for Mytplast a conscientious planning of the communication needs. We must keep several elements in mind: format, the information is going to contain, target…The type of sample will define/decide also size and form of the container box and type of it, […]

  • Which are the ideal systems for the presentation of sample presenters?

    Maletín de ceramicas

      As aleading company inthe manufacture of briefcases for samples our main goal is to offer ourcustomers a widerange ofdimensions and shapes, to suitthe specific characteristicsof eachsector. Our teamandthe most advanced machineryenableus to custom manufacture boxes for samples, cases, suitcases and folders. Always withthe best materials andhigh quality finishes. Theaccumulated years of experience in this industry shows […]

  • What is Thermoforming in sample presenters?

    carpetas personalizadas con anillas

    Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mould, and trimmed to create a usable product. To stretch the sheet a mould is needed, the mould can be made of wood, epoxy, aluminiumother suitable materials. The film is heated in […]

  • Details do matter in printing on the sample presenters

    carpetas personalizadas

    The corporative identity is an added value that every company should have, it is the best cover letter and the first impression to the customer. A company with a well constructed corporate identity in all their communication supports is more likely to be remembered by the actual customers and the potential ones. It also helps […]

  • Custom ecologic folders as a corporate responsibility

    carpeta ecologica de La Caixa

    Recently people are getting involved with the environment, it is a growing thought that companies should equalize society and corporate concerns.This is one of the main targets, actually mostly the half of the total customers would pay a higher price for a product manufactured by a social responsible company. Work to get a greener place, […]

  • Tips for choosing and designing folders for the training sector

    carpeta transparente para formación

    In Mytplast, we want to help training centers choose the right welcome material for those students who begin a training course. We believe that good presentation of the course material the company provides the students for classroom activity is essential; that is why we developed, together with our customers, fully customized solutions tailored to your […]